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Welcome to Berlin, one of the world's most exciting cities!


The "Chair of the..." is the title used by the WUDC Constitution. But you can simply call me Convener, or Patrick. With heart-felt gratitude I would like to introduce to you the team – aka those who are doing all the work.


Adjudication Core



Chief Adjudicators

Sharmila Parmanand (Philippines) and Douglas Cochran (England) will serve as co-CAs.

Parmanand Cochran
Sharmila Parmanand Douglas Cochran


Sharms studied political science at Ateneo de Manila University, now doing the Gender and Development Master's at the University of Melbourne. As a debater, she won the Asian Universities Debating Championship (AUDC) three times in a row, broke at the WUDC 2006 in Dublin and reached Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships (Australs) grand final and semi-finals. She served as CA for the AUDC 2009 and the Asian BP Championship 2011, and as DCA for Australs in Auckland and Seoul. She judged the WUDC grand final in 2010 together with...

...Doug, who has won a remarkable number of tournaments and reached three WUDC semi-finals and one European Universities Debating Championship (EUDC) grand final, and was a DCA for the EUDC 2010 in Amsterdam. He studied Economics and International Relations at the University of St Andrews, then law at Cambridge. Having finished bar school last year at BPP, with Middle Temple being his Inn of Court, he currently works for the Competition Commission.

(>>email Doug or Sharms, >>read their adjudication policy)

Deputy Chief Adjudicators and Tab Master

The CAs have appointed Victor Finkel (Australia), Isabelle Fischer (Germany) and James Kilcup (USA) as DCAs. Jens Fischer (Germany) will be supporting them serving as Tab Master.


Finkel Fischer Kilcup Fischer
Victor Finkel Isabelle Fischer James Kilcup Jens Fischer

Heads of the Language Review Committee

The three persons responsible for the administration of the three language categories are Tasneem Elias (Qatar), Michael Saliba (Germany) and Anne Valkering (Netherlands). Further Language Review Officers are joining them to form a body as representative as possible of the whole of debaterworld.

Elias Saliba Valkering
Tasneem Elias Michael Saliba Anne Valkering


If you have any questions regarding language regulation, please email them.

The Executive Organising Committee

Team Staff and Tournament Directors


Marietta is our Chief of Staff. Her debating home is Mainz, where she studied English, communications and economics. Now she's working as an intercultural communications consultant. For her, motivation is key – to overcome differences and to make everyone give their best.



Jana joins us from Mannheim and with lots of World Schools experience. She studies Political Science and English & American studies, as well as strategies to prepare our volunteers.



Georg is one of our best debaters and famous for quoting Peter Singer and from the Holy Bible. He is a law student and joined the Berlin Debating Union in 2008.


Thore used to debate for the Johannes Gutenberg Debating Society in Mainz. He works as a teacher now and knows how to keep a lively crowd organized.

The Chief of Staff takes care of all the helping hands from Germany and all around the globe, without which our Worlds wouldn't be possible. She makes sure that there are enough volunteers for the many different tasks before, during and after the tournament. The Tournament Directors have the overview over the schedule and all rooms, over time and space. They make sure that every participant finds their way around easily and that everything runs on time. The three together take care of what essentially keeps the tournament running.

Participant Affairs


Dessislava joined the BDU in 2006 and is currently vice-ESL champion of the world. She studies English & American Studies and Italian. Due to her Bulgarian roots she considers being a good host and making everybody welcome a matter of honour.



Teresa has run very successful tournaments in Münster, where she studies law. For Berlin Worlds she organizes the registration.


Participant Affairs means making sure that the tournament registration runs smoothly and that participants get all the help we can provide regarding visa issues. During the tournament we care that our guests have a good place to sleep, get enough delicious food that meet their dietary requirements, have a great time at the socials, have a wide range of excursions to pick from, are always informed throughout the tournament and have someone to accompany and help them in any worst-case scenario.

Sponsoring and Finance


Sarah joined the Berlin Debating Union in 2011. She studied physics at the University of Hamburg and works now for the education initiative Teach First Deutschland.


Jan Dirk

Jan Dirk is the WUDC Berlin 2013 Head of Finance.

Sponsoring and Finance was a big team. It was working on getting in touch with possible contributors and sponsors, explaining what the opportunities of the WUDC Berlin 2013 were.



Julian joined the Berlin Debating Union in 2010 but is also active in the Hamburg Debating Society. He studies Aerospace Engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin.


Logistics is responsible for keeping the tournament moving – both under planned and unexpected circumstances. Julian takes care of all the logistical planning like transport, storage and material.

Intercultural Affairs


Sarah used to debate for the Debating Society Greifswald. She now lives in Berlin and studies Jewish Studies and History at the University of Potsdam. She loves travelling and meeting new people, but loves coming back to Berlin even more.


Tina's debating home is the debating society in Halle. She studied intercultural communication and now works in China. She loves chocolate cookies, good wine and conversations that enhance her horizon. And where can she find those better than in a diverse group of debaters?

Sarah and Tina want to help make everybody feel at home in Berlin. Since everybody's understanding of home is different they continuously think beyond borders and clichés and help all of us do the same.



Manuel was onboard the train from Amsterdam Euros when the idea of Worlds on a cruise ship with debates between Syria and Morocco came up; joins team conferences via Skype, supposedly still checking out debate locations abroad and taking photographs of them.


Annette is in charge of Media and Public Relations. She joined the Berlin Debating Union in 2008. She studies Political Communication at the Freie Universität Berlin. As Worlds Press Secretary she usually answers questions like "What exactly is this debating?"

Communication is self-explanatory, isn't it? You know it when you read it. If you have something for us to read, email, please!

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