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Tournament Schedule

The exact times will be published on a day-by-day basis. Please note they are meant as they stand. When we say 9 o'clock, we mean it and start at 9 o'clock sharp.



Arrival of Scholarship Seminar participants Meininger Hostel
(Central Station)


Scholarship Seminar (pt 1) TU


Scholarship Seminar (pt 2) TU


WUDC Arrival and All-day Check-in
You can sign up for Masters’ Cup and Public Speaking (details below). If you arrive early, have a look around and join us in the evening for an informal get-together at the debate venue:

Hotel Berlin, Berlin


Glühwein and Movies TU


Check-in remains open all day. All meals are served at the Technische Universität (TU), where all events of the day take place.



Morning: Pre-Council; Masters' Cup and Public Speaking Preliminary Round(s)

Pre-Council is the preliminary meeting of the WUDC Council, the body where all participating countries are represented to decide on WUDC issues. The main meeting is on January 1st.
Masters' and Public Speaking are competitive but fun side-events. In the Masters’ Cup national teams of three WUDC adjudicators each compete in two preliminary rounds and one final. Public Speaking allows individuals to perform, in a funny, moving or poetic way. Details here.



Afternoon: Briefing
Find the Adjudication Core’s written briefings here.



Evening: Welcome Ceremony
With that, it’s officially on!



Preliminary Rounds 1–3 TU


Gender Night TU


Preliminary Rounds 4–6 TU


Berlin Underground Party Brunnen 70


Preliminary Rounds 7–9; Women’s Meeting (during lunch)


Break Night/New Year’s Party

That’s where we find out who is going to compete and judge in the open/ESL/EFL out-rounds and the Masters’ Cup and Public Speaking Final. And then it’s 2013.



We offer lots of different excursions, from city walks near the hotels to day trips to Poland or the Baltic Sea. If you have not signed up for any of the options, don’t worry. There is plenty you can easily do on your own. Just check opening hours in advance as January 1st is a public holiday. Museum Island, for instance, is open from noon.


Alternatively you can watch the main session of the WUDC Council at the TU. But that’s not a recommendation.



In the evening we come back together for Chennai Night. The WUDC 2014 will be held in Chennai, India and tonight the hosts introduce themselves.

Loewe Saal


All out-rounds will be held consecutively so you have the opportunity to watch them all. The first one is probably the Open Double-Octo-Finals (pending Pre-Council decision). Next are in this order:
ESL Quarter-Finals
Open Octo-Finals
EFL Semi-Finals
Open Quarter-Finals



In the evening we have the Masters' Cup Final and the Public Speaking Final.



Morning: ESL and Open Semi-Finals


Afternoon: Finals



Evening: Championship Dinner/Party



Departure, or transfer to World Debate Forum  


World Debate Forum (pt 1) TBA


World Debate Forum (pt 2) TBA



Dress Code

Debates are (smart) casual, except for the three Finals, which are rather formal. Socials are smart casual, except for the Berlin Underground Party, where you would be way overdressed wearing smart casual.

Registrations and Applications

Cap: 400 teams and 300 adjudicators (incl. 60 independent adjudicators); 3 teams per institution; n-1 applied.
Registration fee: 400 EUR per speaker and adjudicator; 850 EUR per observer.


The registration process was completed by October 21st 2012.

The list of team slot allocations can be found here.

The list of confirmed independent adjudicators has been posted here.


This is how it went:


Phase 0: Eligibility Check


Prospective speakers of the WUDC Berlin 2013 are urged to familiarize themselves with the WUDC eligibility requirements, which they may find here.

Phase 1: General Registration

The registration was open from March 31st to April 7th 2012. Every institution eligible to participate in the WUDC Berlin 2013 was able to register up to three teams and ">n-2" adjudicators. We guaranteed the number of judge slots required under n-1. Further slots were allocated up to our cap of 240 institutional judges. Our concrete mode of team slot allocation has been approved by Council: 1) All institutions registered within the first three days were allocated a first team on a first come, first served basis. 2) Second and third teams were allocated together, again on a first come, first served basis to the institutions that had registered within the first three days. 3) The remaining slots were allocated in three-slot packages on a first come, first served basis to those institutions that registered after the first three days. (>>illustration)

In the initial allocation from April 12th we allocated 380 team slots to 380 institutions (see list), which did not compel us to grant any adjudicator slots at all under our n-1 guarantee. Institution representatives were then able to register adjudicators in our online registration system.


Phase 2 and 3: Payment

The institutions were requested to provide a down payment of 50% by May 22nd 2012 (phase 2). The full payment was due on September 4th 2012 (phase 3). See blog posts for updates. All payments are none-refundable.

Phase 4: Provision of Participants’ Details

Institutions had until October 21st 2012 to provide the necessary participants’ details on the online registration system.



© Manuel Adams

Independent adjudicators were able to apply until June 25th. The call for applications is archived on our blog. The list of confirmed IAs has been posted here.


Observers: The representatives of the registered institutions had been informed by email about the technicalities of the registration process for observers. The preliminary deadline for registrations was August 4th 2012; as of October 27th registrations are definitely no longer possible.


The WUDC Berlin 2013 Scholarship is the only alternative way to get team slots. It is a comprehensive, need-based programme for 60 speakers and 50 adjudicators supported by a grant from the Open Society Foundations, aiming at the enhancement of inclusiveness at the WUDC Berlin 2013 and the promotion of debating in less developed debating communities. The application was open until September 14th 2012. See programme description for details and blog posts for updates.


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